Automatic Multi Track Packing Machine


Our vary of high-speed pouch Automatic Multi Track Packing Machines area unit totally machine-controlled and equipped for prime production capability thereby saving plenty of your time within the production method manufacturing up to twenty-eight,800 pouches per hour. These high-speed Automatic Multi Track Packing Machines will turn out four facet seal pouches for liquids in several sizes starting from zero.5 cubic centimetre to one hundred cubic centimetre. Specially designed for packing liquid, semi-liquid and pastes like oil, sauce-ketchup, shampoo, jam-jelly, etc; these high-speed machines provides a innovative technology within the packaging trade resulting in Associate in Nursing approximate of 100 percent saving on lamination.
Total PLC Control
Fully automatic compact & robust machine
10% saving on laminate
Photo-electronic mark registration system
High Speed up to 480-pouches/ min
Speed control through AC frequency drive
P.I.D. base temperature controller system
Automatic batch cutting
Machines speeds 400 pouch per minute 

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