Automatic Roof Tile Making Machine


Molding Pressure 130T Speed 4/6 pcs/minute Capacity 7.5KW Weight 5T Dimension 2000*1300*2430(mm) high Speed filter pressing type concrete tile shaper has adopted several advanced technologies in producing. This section type has superior mechanical capability and more economical performance.
1. Molding faster in speed and larger in output it adopts PLC computer torch to control automatically, man together with machine the operation is more convenient and reliable. Entire hydraulic pressure air operating. The speed reaches 8 pcs/ minute. It is high efficient in production and lower in costs.
2. It is molding and pressing by using concrete and sand. Filtering in between. So it would be formed perfect structure, various type. Precise sizes. High intensity and density. It can meet the demands of many kinds of building it is exquisite in the concrete products.
3. One machine can be used in several ways by changing the mould after that it can produce.
Formed Pressure : 130 tons
Formed Speed : 7-8 tiles/min
Producing : 3500-3900 tiles/shift
Power : 7.5 KW
Weight : 5 tons
Overall dimensions : 3100×1600×2600 mm
Mixer Volume : 350 L
Mixer Weight : 300kg ( C/S=1:2)
Mixer Time : 3-5min

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