L Sealer Shrink Chamber Machine


Shrink chamber machine combines sealing with shrinking into one step. It suitable for all kind of shrink films such as PVC, POF, PP etc. And transparent cover makes the process of sealing 2 cutting and shrinking be visible the Shrink Chamber machine SPSC 4535 is used to convey the packed products out automatically so as to double packing capacity.
Voltage (V/Hz) : AC 220 /50
Model : SP-4535 Manual Type
Power (kw) : 4
Packing Speed (pcs/h) : 700 ~ 1000
Max Packing Dimensions : 450 x 300 x 250
Dimensions (L XW X H) (mm)  : 1895 x 720 x 1080
Max Packing Dimensions : 140

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