Tea Bag Filling Sealing Machine


A revolutionary new bench–top, very low cost machine to pack tea, herbal products, yerba mate, oolong tea, granulated coffee in pre-made filter tea bags without or with string and tag, with or without an outer envelope. The bench-top device enables you to measure the product accurately and swiftly, fill the tea bag or sachet without spilling and then seal the sachet instantly. In this way the machine helps you to fill and seal a few tea bags to a few hundred tea bags in few seconds and minutes. The SIKRI Filler Sealer is an operator run machine which needs an operator to fill the tea bags and then seal it. The tea is dropped into the tea bag with the help of a foot switch attached to the machine, thus keeping both the hands free for faster production. We provide along with the machine Pre- made tea bags in different sizes for filling different infusion products and also Pre-made Plain paper–PE/ foil laminate for packing nutritional 
Products. Also available 4 sets of volumetric cups with opening diameters of 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm along with this machine. So depending on the typeand quantity of tea, you can change the cup yourself. It takes only about 2 minto change the cups. The change can be done manually and it does not require any tools for it. The SIKRI Filler sealer is the ideal ENTRY LEVEL DEVICE for small business and home business tea bag production. It is extremely economical – at a price of US$ 1,200 this machine has a pay-back in weeks, not months. The device is specifically made for home- based and shop based businesses.
Simple operation. No training required for start-up, operation or maintenance. The detailed illustrated manual supplied with the machine is enough to DO-IT-YOURSELF!
Internationally well-known reputed components used in the construction of the machine.
Spares available on demand at reasonable prices. Technical support available around the year, around the clock!
Available for 220 volts AC single phase / 110 volts AC single phase power supply.
Available fully clad with stainless steel aisi 304, and complete stainless steel aisi 304 contact parts.
Accurate filling and easy weight adjustment with a high precision volumetric cup filler.
Portable-It can be kept on an ordinary work table and used instantly.
No special wiring and servicing is required. The device can be attached into an ordinary domestic plug-point.
Weighs less than 50 kilograms.
Available of the shelf at our sales depots in India. Can be shipped in 7 days
Machine Configuration : Bench Top Volumetric Filler with an Impulse Sealer attached
Filling Range : Up to 10 grams
Pouch Size : Any pre-made pouch
Pouch material : Any heat sealable polymer like PE, OPP, etc; any heat – sealable material like tea bag paper, heat- seal foil, etc; any laminate.
Other Containers : Can be used to fill small bottles, cans, etc.
Operating Voltage : 220 V AC 1P 50 Hz/110V AC 1P 60 Hz
Required Current : 750 watts
Machine Dimension (Main Body): 12"× 18"× 11" Height, 300 mm × 450 mm × 275 mm Height
Net Weight : 50 Kilograms (110 pounds)

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